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Common ways of demonic transference happen through dating, sexual promiscuity, immorality, bestiality, ungodly friendships, relationships between people, also between people and animals as well as between people and inanimate objects and also through communication and interaction with spirits and even dead people. Not too long ago a woman who appeared on a reality television series, in which I was a part of, said that her greatest addiction in life was her own breasts. They were very large breasts, each one larger than her own head. Another person, on the same documentary, confessed that he was in love with his automobile. All of these strange occurrences are already forms of demonic possession. In the case of the woman with very large breasts there were already demons lodged in her breasts making her fall in love with and lust after them. These are manifestations of what is known as "sexual demons" and they even have the ability to supernaturally enlarge sexual body parts to make people lust after and feel in love with them. When people develop close relationships with others who are under severe demonic oppression then they run the risk of having some of those demons transferred to them. It happen more often than we realize and no one is immune to this kind of attacks. 

I was called to assist a young lady once who became possessed at a friend's funeral. She reported that while she was near the casket she then felt something heavy entering her body and she knew exactly where the heaviness came from. She then began having some of the same symptoms and manifestations that her deceased friend used to have and from that moment on she was not the same anymore. Another woman had asked me to visit her, in Beverly Hills, back in September 2013, she reported that she heard voices, non-stop, tormenting her day and night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During my investigation of the problem she then said that everything started when she visited a deceased celebrity's grave, at a nearby cemetery, and then inquired of the dead female singer as to how she had died, since it was a mystery even to this day. This lady then reported to me that she visited the grave three times total and on the third time then the voices began tormenting her saying that they were the singer's friends and so forth. On another occasion, a young mother of three children reported to me that after her father had passed away, while in prison, then they began having paranormal activities in her home with ghost apparitions and objects moving around in the house and so forth. Then I asked her if she had brought home any of the father's belongings, etc., then she reported that she didn't have any of his belongings at home, only his ashes because she had not spent much time with him, then she thought it would be a nice thing to do to have his remains staying at the house, to show love and appreciation for her father. At that very moment I told her that the father's remains had brought the demons that killed him in prison into her home, to prey upon the next victim in the family. People have no idea how the demonic realm operates as they go in life opening up doors for these creatures to come in, torment and destroy them.

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